The idea to create Thirsty Gal Drinks first came to me when I was yet again stuck choosing between a lesser of two guilts. The guilt of cancelling drinks plans with my friends or the inevitable guilt I would feel the next day after I’d ruined my diet by going out and drinking copious amounts of high calorie alcoholic drinks.

It wasn’t the first time I’d been stuck weighing these two options up. After talking this feeling over with my friends I realised I certainly wasn’t alone in how I feel.

I wondered how I could create a healthy balance... not restrict myself and still go out and have a great time. I thought ‘what if our favourite drinks could be less than half the calories and sugar with only the sugar coming naturally from the alcohol?’ Then there would be no more FOMO!

With the help of some of the best experts in alcoholic beverage production in the UK I found the perfect solution. Thirsty Gal Drinks is for those of us who are mindful of what we are putting into our bodies without restricting ourselves. By having a healthy alternative I feel this empowers us women to feel healthier happier and more confident  in our choices. 

I created Thirsty Gal with the idea of it being a fun and cheeky brand that is inclusive and empowering and it brings me so much joy seeing that vision bought to life. I love watching you all enjoy the cocktails as much as I do! 

All my love,

Siobhan x

Founder and CEO